What's more valuable than peace of mind? Responsiblysocial makes it easy to get screened, get tested, and get going. But what should you know prior to your screening? And why's it so important?

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what does an antibody test do?

Our antibody blood test detects immunoglobulin G (IgG) that's present in the body after exposure to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Keep in mind that this isn't a test for an active infection. As a part of the immune response, IgG antibodies are naturally produced by the human body after contact with the virus. 

The FDA currently supports antibody testing with emphasis on its effectiveness in helping us fight COVID-19, as well as detect those who have been exposed to the virus and built up antibodies.

If you've recently tested positive for COVID-19, it might be a smart decision to move forward with antibody testing. Contact us for more information or to inquire on ways antibody testing can help you and your community.

what can antibody testing do for you as an individual?

Antibody testing offers peace of mind and awareness, along with important information that can be used in further research for a vaccine. Antibody testing also plays an important role in battling COVID-19.

what can antibody testing do for your business?

As businesses begin to reopen and individuals begin to transition back into the workforce, it's important that the health and safety of employees and individuals remain a high priority. Antibody testing can be an effective way to track employee health and monitor factors such as sick leave, health status and recovery, compliance, and much more. 

got five minutes? Let's get you screened

At Responsiblysocial, we believe quick and efficient is the best approach against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. That's why we've made our COVID-19 antibody screening a breeze. It takes all of five minutes. Or purchase our test and get started right away.